Books That Will Inspire You To Travel

Is there anything better than curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and a coffee-table book? I love coffee-table books especially when they inspire me.  Truth be told, I would have way more than what I have now if it I had more space! Here are a few books that I’ve had my eye’s on and thought you might all like as well. Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any on your list!

THE BUCKET LIST by Kath Stathers  

For the passionate travel and cultural experiences ideas – this is a great book that covers every continent with unique experiences specify to the country of the city you are visiting.

GREAT ESCAPES: ITALY by Angelika Taschen, Christiane Reiter

It’s no secret that Italy holds a special place in my heart. This coffee-table book will have you swooning over the most beautiful locations in Italy and inspire you to book a flight immediately or at least continue day-dreaming. 🙂

NEW YORK TIMES 36-HOUR SERIES by Barbara Ireland

The New York Times Travel section is one of go-to’s for travel news and guides. Now you can have all the guides at home too! This series makes a great gift as well.


As you already know, I’ve been leaning more to nurturing the outdoor girl in me so this book gives me all the adventure vibes.  Filled with beautiful photography – I promised it will remind you that nature is the refuge we all need in our lives.

HAUTE – BOHEMIANS by Miguel Flores Vianna

This is not exactly a travel book but a photographic account of interiors from people’s homes around the world. This book is a dream and one that I flip through often! Miguel is known for his stunning photography and he captures these homes so beautifully.  So even though this book is not giving you travel tips, it will give you insight into how people around the world live. After all, travel has an influence in every facet of our lives…including interior decorating.

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